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Selected online poems

"Anna Atkins,” Cider Press Review.


lilies, dahlias, gladioli, daffodils,” and “The Wave Machine in Oliver’s Room,”  

Gold Wake Live

“Herbarium,” Cordella

Five Oaks Press Sampler: Poems from 2014-2017, eds. Lynn Houston and Stacey Baulken, “Deer,” Five Oaks Press.


“Mid-century Modern Sofa,” Boxcar Poetry Review. 

Afterlives,” and “April 18, 1995,” The 2River View. 

“Temporary Homes for Quahogs,” “Tide pools, Orcas Island,” and “Condolences,”  Buddhist Poetry Review.


Selected poems in print 


“bluebell, harebell, witch’s thimble,” The Bennington Review. 


“Dental Records,” Mid-American Review.

“Ghosts in the Life of Anna Akhmatova,” CALYX. 


“To Coyote, Roaming on 29th Avenue,” Two of Cups Press, Moon Anthology. 

“History of Shell” and “First Night in the Palace,” Subtropics.

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